Fall 2009 Career and Salary Survey

The Office of Assessment announces the results of the Fall 2009 Career and Salary Survey, now available for your reference.

The survey was administered online to 1,642 students who were scheduled to graduate in December 2009.  A total of 1,079 students completed the survey for a response rate of 65.7 percent. The results are representative of the GT graduating population by college, gender, and ethnicity.  The Office of Assessment recently provided academic units with the ability to obtain specific job titles from students who reported employment. These detailed position descriptions are available in the frequency reports for individual programs.

Among the salient findings of the survey:

The economic downturn continues to affect placement rates of our graduates:

  • The proportion of Georgia Tech BS recipients who report having a job at graduation declined from 70.4% in Fall 2007 to 60.1% in Fall 2008, and to 49.0% in Fall 2009.
  • The proportion of graduate degree recipients (MS and PhD) who report having a job at graduation declined from 79.6% in Fall 2007 to 63.5% in Fall 2008, and to 54.1% in Fall 2009.
  • Among undergraduates, the greatest declines in placement occurred in the College of Engineering (Fall 2007: 75.9%; Fall 2008: 62.7%; Fall 2009: 45.7%) and the College of Computing (Fall 2007: 85.7%; Fall 2008: 79.3%; Fall 2009: 64.0%).
  • For the College of Engineering’s undergraduates, placement rates declined most in Civil Engineering (Fall 2007: 91.1%; Fall 2008: 61.4%; Fall 2009: 30.6%) and Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2007: 81.1%; Fall 2008: 62.0%; Fall 2009: 37.1%).

Some programs experienced year-over-year increases in placement among BS recipients:

  • Aerospace Engineering placement increased year-over-year from 50.0% in Fall 2008 to 64.7% in Fall 2009.
  • Over the same time frame, Management placement increased from 54.3% to 66.7%.

For those who report successful job searches, salaries have decreased very slightly since Fall 2008:

  • Median reported salaries decreased approximately $1,000 for both BS and MS recipients.

Frequency of signing bonuses has declined slightly:

  • Among those reporting a salary, 39.1% of Fall 2009 GT graduates reported receiving a signing bonus­, compared to 51.4% in Fall 2008.
  • The median reported bonus in Fall 2009 was $5,325 for BS recipients and $6,700 for MS recipients.

The lower rates of employment success have not translated into changes in continuing education plans.

  • The percentage of BS recipients who intend to enroll in graduate school has remained stable, going from 23.1% in Fall 2007 to 25.0% in Fall 2008, and down slightly to 23.9% in Fall 2009.

Complete results of the survey are available on the Office of Assessment’s survey data warehouse: www.adors.gatech.edu.  Students may access the salary reports at: http://www.adors.gatech.edu/commencement/salary_report.cfm.  If you have any questions about these data, please contact Jonathan Gordon at jon.gordon@gatech.edu.

2008 CIRP Report

The 2008 Freshman Survey Report and Tables are now available. This report is a summary of the 2008 adminis­tration of the Higher Education Research Institute’s Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) survey of incoming college freshmen. Selected information about Georgia Tech respondents is presented in this report, including comparisons to responses from public and private high-selectivity institutions.