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  • What is OATS?
    • Georgia Tech’s Online Assessment Tracking System for documenting assurance of student learning and continuous improvement. The system was developed by Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) and is maintained by the Office of Academic Effectiveness.
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  • Demo:
  • Some installation notes:
    • The ColdFusion files are located in the Coldfusion_files_from_production folder.
    • Follow the order of the scripts in the 07DBcreateScripts folder.
    • Disable the AA_USER_MOD_TRIG trigger to be able to add a user by hand.
    • Must populate the AA_RESPONSIBILITY table to properly set user roles.
    • Must add Colleges and Departments through the admin menu.
    • View the Application.cfm for editable configuration options (file paths etc.)
  • OATS requirements:
    • ColdFusion application server. (Version 7 or better)
    • An Oracle database server. (Version 9i or better)
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